Xos Total Cost of Ownership

Earlier this week, we explored how current and anticipated state and federal incentives for zero-emission commercial vehicles potentially support Xos’ growing business. In addition to strong regulatory tailwinds, another reason we believe our proposed combination with Xos has the potential to drive long-term value for our shareholders is our belief that Xos commercial electric vehicles […]

Xos and Regulatory Tailwinds

Recent initiatives reflecting state and federal government commitments to regulating emissions are creating increasing demand for commercial electric vehicles. Xos holds a strong position in this growing market, which is one of the many reasons the ElectraMeccanica board and management team believes in the future value that our proposed combination creates for shareholders.  Read below […]

Xos Announces Mission Linen Supply as New Customer

As a part of our continued effort to keep shareholders apprised of business and market news regarding our proposed combination partner, Xos, we are excited to share that last week, Xos announced a brand new electric stepvan customer: Mission Linen Supply. For 90 years, Mission Linen Supply has been the trusted commercial linen provider for […]

Xos, Inc. Secures Purchase Order from Mission Linen Supply for New 22’ Stepvan Option

LOS ANGELES — FEBRUARY 29, 2024 — Xos, Inc. (NASDAQ: XOS), a leading provider of medium-duty electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, and fleet management software, is pleased to announce that it has received a purchase order from Mission Linen Supply, a leading provider of products and services to hospitality, healthcare, and industrial businesses, for 22’ stepvans.  […]

Get to Know Your Proxy – Part Four: Vote Yes!

Fellow shareholders: Since we announced the transaction with Xos, we’ve made the case that the combined company has a meaningful opportunity ahead of it, and we believe that the best way to create that opportunity for our shareholders is to participate – as 21% equity owners – of the new combined company. In our last […]

Get to Know Your Proxy – Part Three: Thinking About the Future

Fellow shareholders: Previously, we covered the basics of our proposed transaction with Xos, and a look at our own financial projections for the combined companies, as detailed in the recently-filed Joint Proxy Statement/Circular (those posts can be found here, the proxy itself can be found here). The current values of both Xos and EMV, on […]

Xos Forges Key Partnership with Winnebago

Yesterday, Xos announced a new partnership with iconic American motorhome and RV manufacturer — Winnebago. You can read the press release here. Xos is developing a fully electric chassis for Winnebago’s Specialty Vehicles division, which for over 55 years has built and delivered highly customized vehicles for both commercial and private applications. Xos will provide […]

Get to Know Your Proxy – Part Two: Financial Projections for a New Company

Fellow shareholders: In our prior post, we covered the basics of our proposed transaction with Xos, including the consideration calculation, as explained fully in the recently-filed joint proxy (that post can be found here, the proxy itself can be found here). You’ve also heard, since day one, that both our Board and our CEO enthusiastically […]

Get to Know Your Proxy – Part One: Understanding the Transaction Basics

Fellow shareholders: As we recently announced, ElectraMeccanica has filed a joint proxy with Xos that describes our proposed transaction, the resolutions up for vote, the process for voting, and a significant amount of detail ranging from the background and events leading to the proposed transaction, to risk factors, to financial projections and valuation opinions. Said […]