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Electrify Your Fleet: 2024 XOS SV

XOS truck

The 2024 Xos SV is designed to be the optimal battery-electric vehicle for key use cases, including parcel delivery, linen and textile services trucks, utility and repair trucks, and armored transport. Its modularity allows for customization to suit your fleet’s routes and needs.

The SV is available in a variety of configurations. Xos’ modular chassis and battery systems allows stepvans to be tailored to every fleet’s exact needs.

Power Your Fleet: Xos Energy Solutions

charging station

Xos Energy Solutions™ (XES™) is a suite of comprehensive charging infrastructure and services that simplifies the process of commercial fleet electrification. XES™ encompasses all aspects of infrastructure development to ensure effective and timely fleet deployment.

A key part of the XES™ offering, the Hub™ is a mobile charging solution capable of charging up to 5 vehicles at one time.

charging station
Fleet management software interface

Manage Your Fleet: Xosphere

Fleet management software interface

Fleet management software purpose-built for electric fleets.

Xosphere® is an advanced connected vehicle platform that combines our proprietary hardware and embedded software with a modern and intuitive user platform. This fleet management tool allows you to seamlessly connect across all Xos electric vehicles and energy solutions.